PACER Plus Arrangement on Labour Mobility Webinar

3 Jun 2022 3:00 pm

Session Presentation Material Speaker(s)
Welcome Opening remarks Wame Valentine
Presentation PACER Plus Arrangement on Labour Mobility Dr Alisi Holani
FAQs Questions from participants Dr Alisi Holani
Closing   Wame Valentine

Registration Deadline: 31 May 2022

Labour mobility exists as a viable development approach for the Pacific and has the potential to deliver positive gains to both receiving and sending countries. These positive gains however, hinge on effective policy cooperation and the ALM has been established as a mechanism to promote regional labour mobility cooperation. The ALM was signed alongside the PACER Plus Agreement in July 2017 and to date, the Signatories to the ALM are Australia, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

The objective of the webinar is to increase awareness of the ALM and its potential benefits for the Pacific region. The PPIU understands that trade officials may be familiar with the ALM but the wider labour mobility stakeholders in the region may not be aware. Since labour mobility is a cross-cutting development approach, the webinar is open to key labour mobility stakeholders including line government officials, private sector members, NGOs, and other relevant agencies.

The webinar will be conducted by Dr. Alisi Kautoke Holani who is the Labour Mobility Specialist at the PPIU, and facilitated by Mr. Wame Valentine, the PPIU Communications Manager. Dr Holani was involved in the PACER Plus negotiations and has extensive experience in labour mobility. She has also conducted research on the PACER Plus Arrangement on Labour Mobility as well as on measures to enhance the positive development impact of labour mobility in the Pacific.

Key frequently asked questions that the webinar will address include:Key frequently asked questions that the webinar will address include:

  1. Why is labour mobility important to Pacific island countries?
  2. What is the PACER Plus Arrangement of Labour Mobility?
  3. Why is Labour Mobility not in the PACER Plus Agreement?
  4. Who is eligible for support under the Arrangement on Labour Mobility?
  5. How does the PACER Plus Arrangement on Labour Mobility complement the bilateral MoUs for existing labour mobility programmes?
  6. What is the role of the Implementation Unit relative to the PACER Plus ALM?
  7. What is the Pacific Annual Labour Mobility Meeting (PLMAM) and why is it important?
  8. How can Pacific countries benefit from the PACER Plus Arrangement on Labour Mobility?
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We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Registration Deadline: 31 May 2022