Component 2: Customs

Key objective:

Promote cooperation among the Customs Administrations of the Participants and support customs cooperation activities related to the implementation of the Agreement.


  • Improved predictability, consistency and transparency in the application of customs laws and regulations;
  • Efficient and economical Customs Administration and expeditious clearance of goods
  • Simplified and harmonised customs procedures


PACER Plus creates reciprocal obligations in the area of Customs Procedures and Facilitation for Parties with the objective of ensuring effective control while improving predictability, consistency and in customs operations and border management procedures and practices of the Parties.

The Chapter places strong emphasis on co-operation on customs matters between the Parties.

Specific provisions aimed at improving transparency and efficiency of customs operations include commitments to:

  • develop and implement customs best practices and risk management skills
  • using the internet to publish changes to laws, regulations procedures and guidelines for customs processing
  • setting up enquiry points to address business and other concerns on customs matters
  • simplifying and harmonising customs procedures
  • improving technical skills and use of automated system including paperless trading across the boarders
  • updating harmonised system nomenclature for tariff classification.

PACER Plus recognises the differences in the level of institutional development and capacities of the Customs Administrations, particularly in relation to the application of best practices and international standards. As a result, a number of the commitments to be undertaken by Parties are conditional on the provision of technical assistance under the Development & Economic Cooperation Work Programme.

Customs commitments in the PACER Plus region will benefit businesses through increased efficiency at the border and expedited release of goods. This should lead to a lower cost of trade, and simplified customs procedures for traders.