Labour mobility arrangement


The PACER Plus Agreement recognises labour mobility as a vital trade initiative between Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island countries, delivering shared economic benefits across the region. The Arrangement on Labour Mobility is formulated to strengthen Pacific labour mobility cooperation between Participants.

The Arrangement on Labour Mobility is predominantly concerned with labour markets for low- or semi-skilled workers, and is closely correlated with the PACER Plus Agreement, where Chapters are in place for Movement of Natural Persons and more focused on the mobility of skilled labour and business-related travel and employment.

The key objectives of the Arrangement are broadly focused on cooperation between all Participants, with an aim to share information, enable the formulation of more robust systems, improve access to labour markets and related services and support, as well as promoting economic outcomes related to labour mobility programs in the region. The Arrangement on Labour Mobility details the following objectives:

a)      Establish a broad regional framework for labour mobility cooperation, including through establishing a PLMAM to advance areas of cooperation identified in this Arrangement;

b)     Enhance labour mobility schemes to maximise the development benefits for all participating countries;

c)      Promote the utilisation of other labour mobility opportunities in Australia and New Zealand for the Developing Country Participants;

d)     Strengthen the legislative, regulatory and institutional frameworks for labour mobility in the participating countries;

e)     Facilitate the circulation of temporary workers amongst the Participants;

f)      Consider the social issues associated with the circular migration of workers from Developing Country Participants to Developed Country Participants;

g)     Support efforts to build the labour supply capacity of the developing country Participants through the provision of relevant education and training opportunities for their nationals; and

h)     Explore opportunities to facilitate the recognition of qualifications throughout the region by encouraging competent bodies within their territories to cooperate with each other.

 Providing Service

The Arrangement maintains a strong focus on strengthening local qualification frameworks, and the collaborative development of a regional framework that is mutual of recognition of qualifications in the region.

Capacity Building

Through PACER Plus Australia and New Zealand have a strong commitment to transforming labour mobility programs to maximise opportunities that strengthen economic progress and improve lives throughout the Pacific.

The Arrangement looks to improve the supply and quality of workers through capacity of reintegration, ensuring that workers utilise skills learnt abroad, for productive activities when home. It also reinforces the support to Participants to climatise workers from abroad to the conditions experienced in abroad, through laws, customs, financial and personal training.